Reliable WordPress protection is an essential part of the secure operation of any WordPress-based website and webshop

More than 40% of the world’s websites are WordPress-based. However, this popularity means that your website can become one of the most common targets for hackers. One plugin that has not been updated, and then exploited by hackers, can easily turn your website into a phishing site, or harvest all your customer’ data. This can cause not only financial but also significant reputational damage.

To keep your WordPress site secure, we have created a security solution called Hoplon, which can be installed as a plugin in a few simple steps.

WordPress security with Hoplon

Our automated WordPress protection service, Hoplon, provides the following benefits:

1. Ensuring WordPress protection for an already infected site - WordPress malware removing

If the website is already infected, within 1 hour after installing and activating the Hoplon extension, the system will start the cleanup, ensuring that you are back online as soon as possible.

2. WordPress protection by preventing attacks - Detecting and filtering attacks

The service is powered by artificial intelligence to detect attacks that other security plugins would miss. What's more, it does all this without affecting the speed of your website.

3. Creating backups

Changes to your website are backed up to our servers every 2 hours and stored for up to two weeks. You don't have to rely on your hosting provider's backups, just tell us a point in time in the last two weeks and we'll restore your site.

4. Security updates

Most successful attacks exploit bugs in outdated plugins and templates. However, many people are afraid to update because something might go wrong and crash the site. Hoplon's update algorithm monitors each component update - taking screenshots as it goes - and if it detects a problem, it can revert to the previous state of the effected plugin.


Yearly subscription – 250 EUR + VAT, which includes the support (1 workday response) as well.

Hoplon is an effective protection against WordPress hackers. You don’t have to worry about WordPress security, whether it’s malware protection, backup or updates, we take the burden off your shoulders.

Hoplon - WordPress védelem

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