IT security services for businesses: IT security consulting and strategy development from our IT security experts

A company’s information security organisation and the associated capabilities can be extremely complex and diverse. Both the organisation and the environment around it are constantly changing, creating new challenges. Our team of information security experts supports our clients as consultants in the entire field of IT security, helping them to achieve the desired state of readiness.

Our services in IT security consulting

Legal compliance support, preparation of IT security strategy, policy and standards

Whether it's information security or data protection compliance, we have a team of IT security experts at your service. We help our clients develop a future-proof IT security strategy that dynamically supports business objectives. Our IT security experts will prepare or review related documents (e.g. IT security policy) down to a domain-specific technical standard level and assess the associated controls.

Information security management system development based on ISO 27001

Information security aims to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of digital assets. ISO 27001 is the international standard for the Information Security Management System (ISMS). The framework and the connected controls have been providing guidance to companies, regardless of size, organisational structure or industry. The latest version of ISO 27001 was published on 25 October 2022 and covers the key requirements for corporate information security in four areas (organisational, human, physical and technical) with 93 controls.

A standardised management system makes it significantly easier to reduce and manage information security risks through a process-centric approach, increases security awareness among employees and sends a clear message to customers about the company’s commitment to security.

Our team of IT security experts can help you maintain, review and improve your existing ISO 27001 standard, or support you in building a standard-independent information security system using international best practices from the framework.

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Business continuity management based on ISO 22301

Since the global pandemic, everyone has been forced to familiarise themselves with the concept of business continuity. Business Continuity Management (BCM) aims to ensure that business or administrative services can continue to operate in the event of an incident or even a disaster. Most importantly, it aims to restore business and IT processes after a breach or outage, with as little downtime as possible. Effective BCM is focused on people, processes and systems, and its success depends on available resources, decision-making potential, prepared employees and proven procedures.

BCM focuses primarily on business processes and one of its key deliverables is the Business Continuity Plan (BCP), which governs procedures, incident/emergency scenarios and associated roles and responsibilities. From an IT perspective, the key document is the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), which is the part of the BCP that focuses on IT processes and capabilities. The DRP is prepared by the area responsible for IT and its operation. DRP is a reactive approach with the sole objective of restoring the IT service as soon as possible.

The internationally accepted framework for business continuity is the ISO 22301 standard. Our IT security experts can take full advantage of the standard to support you in developing an effective business continuity management system, including the preparation of business continuity policy, DRP plans and related documents (e.g. test planning template, test report).

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Product and service development consulting from an information security perspective

The basic rule for developing secure projects is to follow the principle of ’security by design’. In practice, this means that we do not try to implement security into our products or services as an afterthought, but rather from the moment the idea is born. Our IT security experts support the information security principles throughout the development process and, if required, guarantee that the product or service brought to market meets the highest IT security requirements by using our ethical hacking services.

Our IT security experts always provide consultancy services in a vendor-agnostic way, considering the company specific characteristics.

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